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Chalkboards by ChalkBoss:

Hi! My name is Katie Bosseler and I am the owner and artist of Chalk Boss. I am a full time Interior Designer here in Seattle, and a chalkboard artist on the side.

I have always been asked to make boards and signs for people because of my quality and style on hand lettering. So I thought......why not share my talent with everyone! Chalk Boss started in March 2014 and I have been busy making and creating custom boards and design ever since. What I love about using chalk is that it allows me to change a design till it is exactly how I want it. Its so easy to erase, change, and create!

I decided to create prints of my chalkboards because I can then share them with you! The process is simple! Once a chalkboard is done, I take a high resolution picture of my design. I then take this image and get it printed on matte paper locally, here in Seattle. The print looks like a chalkboard and allows you to enjoy my design without the hassle of dust and smudges!

I get inspiration from all over and love creating each and every board. The creatively is endless and I am excited to share my talent with the world. Please fee free to contact me with a request for a new board. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting Chalk Boss. Come back soon!!!

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